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Download Zapya for Laptop

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Download Zapya for Laptop from our website now. Zapya is a software that is being used for Wifi File transfer. With the help of Zapya you can transfer files from Laptop to Mobile with fast speed. If you want to get rid from cable and card readers. Then this is very nice and fast speed software.

Download Zapya for Laptop

If you are here, then you should have heard about one of the best and cool way to transfer files from one platform to another which is zapya for pc, wirelessly. To tell about zapya for pc, is that it is more than better and the most fabulous part in zapya for pc app is that, it can transfer files across all OS platforms, such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS and others. Zapya for pc doesn’t need to connect to any kind of WiFi and as well as data of mobile.Download Zapya for Laptop is faster than bluetooth between two devices. Zapya for pc it has got huge response all over the world. Over 100 million users are making use of this zapya for pc application. The transfer speed of zapya for pc is insanely fast, transfer speed is upto 10mb/second.

Security of Zapya

Zapya for pc does not use any kind of data to transfer files. It is for pc is a far better alternative than Bluetooth, NFC or AirDrop. Zapya for pc not only lets you to transfer files, but also zapya for pc will let you to play games locally with other players, via zapya for pc app. So, do you want to download this awesome file sharing app and become one of them? Then let’s go to fetch Zapya on your windows laptop/pc. If you have mac pc, then download zapya for mac pc. Download Zapya for Laptop
zapya for laptopDownload Zapya for Laptop
Most important feature of zapya for pc is that, it automatically can install itself on your friend’s devices, on its own without troubling you. Zapya for pc is a very smart app comparing others and it does not require any downloads separately. In zapya for pc application, one can transfer any kind of file, such as applications, music, photos or almost everything else. Some games that come with Zapya for pc are YoYo and PaPaPa, apart from many others that can be installed via this app. Download zapya for pc.
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In this article about zapya for pc, you will get something cool, that is how to get Zapya for pc on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 laptop/PC. I assure you that, at the end of this article you would have downloaded and installed Zapya on windows pc/laptop successfully. You can directly download zapya for pc in your pc.

Features of Download Zapya for Laptop:-

Zapya for pc has tons and tons of features.Download Zapya for Laptop has a free and self-contained sharing network feature. Zapya for pc allows you to transfer files without kind of data network nor any kind of wifi connection. No data usage, No internet needed for using zapya for pc. Unlimited wireless sharing in zapya for pc, you can also share files from phone to phone (Between Android, iOS, Windows Pc/phone), phone to PC/Mac without cables. Transfer Any File with Any Size, Zapya can share photos, music, video, apps, PDF, and any other file types with unlimited file size. Amazing transferring speed in zapya for pc, 200 times Bluetooth speed! (Speed will be affected by the equipment & the surrounding). Zapya for pc thoroughly defeat’s BlueTooth/ NFC/ AirDrop. Zapya for pc is far more better than all you know. Group Sharing in zapya for pc, Multiple files of all types can be send at once to a group of friends (Up to 5 simultaneously, PC up to 64). Imaging, transferring party photos and videos to your nearby friends within seconds are the core features of zapya for pc. Download Zapya for Laptop

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